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It's 2020. Things are a little bit different.

We are living in a BRAVE new world. One which is unpredictable, uncontrollable and a little bit crazy. So, in order to fit in, we’ve thrown out the rule book.

Designed from the ground up as a hybrid festival, this year, Something Digital will run both In-Person and Online.

  • The In-Person activations will run in multiple venues across Brisbane, enabling our digital community to meet, engage and collaborate.
  • The Online experience will run via our virtual hub. Curated content will be streamed live and sessions will be interactive. You will also have networking tools allowing you to connect virtually with the other Something Digital attendees + partners.

This year’s festival will run from October 20th to 22nd and will feature:

  • 3 days of curated content run across 2+ venues
  • 16 content blocks and over 40 sessions giving us the opportunity focus on topics which are essential for business to succeed in a post pandemic world
  • Workshops and masterclasses to really sink your teeth into select topics
  • Networking opportunities... because we all miss those serendipitous connections with people we didn't know we needed to meet

Full details via: https://www.somethingdigital.com.au/festival/

Representing Queensland's  Life Sciences Industry

LSQ engages the full spectrum of the Queensland life sciences industry, to assist the growth of individual organisations and industry segments, and to build the profile, capacity and capability of the sector to help ensure long term economic, social and environmental benefits to Queensland and its members.

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