Life Sciences Professional Development Event - The Imposter Syndrome

  • 22 Aug 2017
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Ilab UQ, Building 41, Staff House Road The University of Queensland St Lucia
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  The Imposter Syndrome

Why successful people often feel like frauds & what does leadership add to the innovation agenda

How can it be that so many clever, competent and capable people can feel that they are just one step away from being exposed as a complete fraud?  Despite performing well they can still have a lurking fear that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say "We need to have a chat".   This session will explain why high performing people often doubt their abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes as well as showing the links to perfectionism & self-handicapping strategies such as avoidance, procrastination & overcommitment.  You will learn to:
  • know what the latest psychological research tells us about imposter syndrome is and how it operates
  • realise how widespread imposter feelings are and why highly successful people can feel like frauds
  • be aware of evidence-based strategies that reduce imposter feelings

You will also hear how to foster innovation and what role does leadership play?  What can you do to become a better leader?  How universities and other research agencies are being pushed to step up to the innovation agenda even though the university environment is seen by many as hermetically sealed from the outside world, with staff having a sense of entitlement and constrained by a hierarchical structure and that these attributes work against fostering creativity, innovation and productivity.

Your Presenters:

Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell is recognised internationally as a public speaker, educator and researcher and regularly lectures at universities across the world.  His areas of expertise include self-management, positive psychology, work-life balance, learning and creativity.  He draws on over 25 years of experience as a leading training and development professional within the corporate, financial, education and health sectors in Ireland, Scotland, North America, New Zealand and Australia.  He has coached individuals, teams and executives in a wide range of organisations in public and private sectors.  Hugh lectures and researches at Flinders University, Adelaide and is widely recognised for his ability to take the latest research in psychology and education & apply it to high-performing people and groups.  

Professor Michele Burford is Executive Deputy Director at the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University.  The institute has over 150 staff and PhD students working on our life support system - Earth, with a focus on the waterways.  She also leads a team researching water quality in subtropical and tropical environments, taking a catchment to sea approach. She won the WIT Life Sciences Leadership Award and the Griffith University Sciences Leadership Award last year for her science leadership.  Michele is passionate about mentoring and nurturing younger scientists in their careers, and working with others to improve leadership, and team functioning in the university.

How to get there - Closest parking is in P10 or around the ring road at Sir William MacGregor Drive, diagonally opposite Wordsmiths café

Speaker Presentation - The Imposter Syndrome

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