The WiT Board Readiness™ program has been recognised as a Global Best Practice Program in the development of gender equality in Science.


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What the Board Readiness Program can do for you


The WiT Board Readiness™ Program is offered in a small group format capped at 20 participants. The application process is competitive and based on an assessment of the applicant's skills and experience along with their suitability to take on Board roles in the near future.

Candidates are selected on the basis of:

  • existing qualifications and experience
  • understanding of the value of their contribution as Non-Executive Director
  • strength of commitment to establishing a successful Board career 
  • commitment to, and understanding of, the objectives of the Board Readiness Program
  • availability to participate in all program events and activities
  • commitment to Women in Technology and its objectives

According to a 2011 report published by The Australian Research Institute for Women's Leadership (Reibey Institute):

Women hold:

  • only 9.5% of ASX500 Board Positions,
  • only 2% of chair roles
  • with 53% of the ASX 500 companies having no female board representation
  • interestingly, 20% of female directors serve on more than one ASX500 board whilst 12% of their male counterparts serve on multiple boards

In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that the majority of organisations have not accepted that technology issues must be dealt with at board level as these issues have critical financial and risk management implications.

In recent discussions at the G20 World Economic Forum held in Brisbane, the value of women's leadership was a hot topic. In fact, Point 9 of the agreed action plan that all participating World Leaders have committed to achieving is directly related to women, with a goal of reducing the workforce participation gap between men and women by 25% by 2025 and to bring more than 100 million more women into the labour force.

The WiT Board Readiness™ program aims to address these issues by building the calibre of candidates available for board selection.

Participants are equipped with the skills required to achieve board positions and are provided with the opportunity to showcase their skills to some of Queensland's highest profile organisations. It is designed for women who have the skills, experience and desire to become a successful non-executive director and aims to be a supplement to the company's directors courses offered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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